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Empowering Women in Law: Anggraeni and Partners Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023 with Leadgal Program

At Anggraeni and Partners, we firmly believe that empowering women is not just a moral imperative, but also a crucial component in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5.

That’s why we are proud to support gender equality and women’s empowerment through our Leadgal program. As a part of our commitment, we participate in a variety of activities that empower and inspire women in the legal profession. We invite you to follow Leadgal to learn more about our efforts to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. Join us in supporting this important cause.

Setyawati Fitrianggraeni participate in ASEAN Law Academy Advanced Programme 2023  

Setyawati Fitrianggraeni, our Managing Partner recently participated in the ASEAN Law Academy Conference, which is a flagship training programme of the Centre for International Law (CIL). The programme is designed for policymakers, practitioners, and academics working in the fields of politics and governance, economics, and law, and is a cross-disciplinary master’s level intensive programme. 

The ASEAN Law Academy Conference is built on twelve years of research at CIL on ASEAN legal integration and institution building, including the ASEAN Integration through Law book series published by Cambridge University Press. Co-directed by Professor Joseph Weiler (New York University and National University of Singapore) and Dr Tan Hsien-Li (National University of Singapore), the programme’s modules are created and taught by an international faculty of experts from practice and academia. 

To participate in the conference, Setyawati Fitrianggraeni submitted a short abstract of the unpublished paper or work-in-progress she wished to present. The conference provides participants with a deeper understanding of ASEAN institutions and key developments in ASEAN’s economic integration, foreign affairs, and legal framework. 

Setyawati Fitrianggraeni’s participation in the ASEAN Law Academy Conference demonstrates her commitment to staying informed on key legal developments in ASEAN and her desire to deepen her understanding of the legal framework in the region. The conference is an excellent opportunity for legal practitioners like Setyawati Fitrianggraeni to exchange ideas and learn from experts in the field. 

Shortlisted as Finalist in Asian Legal Business – Woman in Law 2023  

Managing Partner Setyawati Fitrianggraeni – has been named a finalist in two categories for the ALB Women in Law Awards 2023 as  finalist for Advocate of the Year and Mentor of the Year. 
The ALB Women in Law Awards 2023 is a highly respected recognition of the exceptional achievements of female private practitioners and in-house counsel in the legal industry. We’re proud to have such an outstanding member of our community recognized for her hard work and dedication.  
This is a remarkable accomplishment that speaks to your expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence.     

Session sharing in Career Day at TK Hang Tuah 11 Jakarta 

Tanya Widjaja Kusumah, Managing Associate at Anggraeni and Partners, recently became the talk of the town when she participated in the TK Hang Tuah 11 Jakarta Career Days event. The event was attended by around 65 kindergarteners, and Tanya took this opportunity to explain to the children what a lawyer does in a language that they could easily understand. 

To make the event more engaging, Tanya arrived at the event dressed in her lawyer uniform, which instantly caught the children’s attention. She then proceeded to explain to the children how lawyers help people resolve conflicts, protect their rights, and ensure justice is served. 

Tanya’s presentation was not just informative but also interactive. She challenged the children to think about the rules they follow in their daily lives and how these rules help keep everyone safe and fair. She emphasized that being a lawyer requires hard work and dedication, but it can also be a very rewarding profession. 

The children were fascinated by Tanya’s presentation and asked many questions about what it takes to become a lawyer. Tanya explained that becoming a lawyer requires a lot of studying and hard work, but it is also important to have a strong sense of justice and a desire to help people. 

Tanya’s presentation at the TK Hang Tuah 11 Jakarta Career Days event was a huge success. She was able to introduce the children to the world of law and inspire them to think about their own role in upholding rules and justice in their daily lives. Tanya’s innovative approach to explaining the role of a lawyer to kindergarteners is an excellent example of how to make complex concepts more accessible and engaging to young minds.  ( AAH )